4* Recent Comets

For the moment there is a nice comet visible low in the south. Its still visible for the moment for people who live in the southern part of Europe. This will change in January 2015  as the comet will climb high in the sky by the end of the month. The comet is C/2014 Q2, for the moment end of December the magnitude is about 6 with a DC of 7.

Drawings made at the eyepiece of the 20” Newton F4.8

18 December Coma: 11’ tail: 36’ PA angle 348°

19 December Coma: 11’ tail: 27’ PA angla 346°

Finderchart Comet C/2014 Q2 for January 2015

Time of dots: 22h00 UT For every stap of 2 days.

Picture of the comet on the 21 of december 2014.

sasteria 2017