Airport of Heraklion 125 km from Agios-Stéfanos
Follow (New Road) Heraklion -Agios Nikolaos -Ierapetra -Makri Gialos -Agios Stéfanos  

Airport of Sitia -35 km from Agios-Stéfanos          
Follow: Sitia -Agios Giorgios - Lithines -Analipsi -Makry Gialos -Agios Stéfanos.    download map

Lasithi map Crete / Airport at Heraklion & Sitia / Red marker is Observatory at Agois-Stéfanos.

                                                           1 Map of the new road.                        

1”The new road !" "De Nieuwe baan!"

If you come from Ierapetra you will see before koutsouras a soccer field / school building on your richt-hand side. From the soccer-field keep following the road after about 800 m you will come to a junction keep following left!
After 4,5 km from the junction you come to the second big crossroad turn left after this still about 15 min drive (6km) then you will see Agios-Stéfanos.
There are no other villages along this road. I

Als u komt van richting Ierapetra zult u in Koutsouras een voetbalveld / schoolgebouw zien aan uw rechterkant. Vanaf het voetbalveld zult u echter na een 800 meter een splitsing hebben, hou links! Vanaf de splitsing is het 4,5 km tot aan een heel groot (2de) kruispunt. Aan het kruispunt links afslaan, nu nog een 15 tal min rijden (6 km) dan komt u aan in Agios-Stéfanos. Er zijn geen andere dorpen langs deze weg! 

2„ Makri Gialos road” „ Makri Gialos weg"

In Makri yialos you will see a road opposite of the supermarket named “SARIS”. This road will take you to Agios-Stéfanos. On that road on the left you see hairdresser “Mano” on the other side you will see a building “ΓΕΩΠΟΝΙΚΟ ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΜΑΚΡΥ ΓΙΑΛΟΥ”. Follow that road! You will come on a big crossroad do keep going strait ahead up to the mountains.
If you keep following up that road. After 15/20 min. drive you will enter the village Agios Stéfanos. 

In Makri Gialos ziet u „ SARIS” supermarkt, aan de overkant van „ SARIS” ziet u een weg die gaat naar Agios-Stéfanos. In het begin van de weg ziet u aan de linkerkant een kapperszaak "Mano" en aan de rechterkant op de hoek van die weg een Groen en wit gebouw  “ΓΕΩΠΟΝΙΚΟ ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΜΑΚΡΥ ΓΙΑΛΟΥ”. Volg die weg en u komt op een groot kruispunt volg rechtdoor de bergen in! Na een 15 a 20 minuten, komt er een dorp te voorschijn dit is Agios-stéfanos. 

2 This is the map for the Makri Gialos Road!    download map                                                       

      This is map of Makri Gialos/ Pefki Road! (arrows along coast)   download map  

4  Map Agios-Stéfanos!     download map                                                                                                                            

3„Makri Gialos / Pefki” 

In Makry Gialos (Analipsi) opposite of the all inclusive Hotel “Mikro Poli”, you will see a road going up to Pefki. Follow this road you will go through Pefki Village then after 3 km you will arrive in Agios Stéfanos. This road is wider but 5 km longer. 

In Makry Gialos aan de overzijde van het all inclusieve hotel "Mikro Poli" zult u een weg zien die naar Pefki leidt. Volg deze weg tot in Pefki! Eenmaal door Pefki en 3 km verder komt u aan in Agios-Stéfanos. Deze weg is breder maar 5 km langer. 

Sitia Airport untitled-shoot-0863

Sitia airport

The best way to go to Crete and explore the island is if you just book a flight on the internet. Govolo is a good website to compare the different airlines. Check the website regular. These are regular flights not charters. Flights from England are the cheapest and they have the most flights that go directly to Heraklion or Chania and Sitia this with Easy-jet - Condor. From Paris France the best way is to book with Aegean or Condor or Coredon. From Holland you have KLM - Thomas cook - Jetair-Aegean. From Germany the best is Neckermann or Lufthansa. Flights from Belgium are mostly Thomas cook- Jetair-Neckermann those are charters. Also SN-Brussels but they only fly up to Athens so then you have to take an other flight from Athens to Heraklion or take the ferry We find the best way to go from Brussels to Heraklion is with Aegean or Olympic as direct flights and jetair - Thomas Cook charters. Aegean also has direct from Heraklion to Brussels between March and November twice a week and the prices ar very good. Just book way in advance or check regular their site. You want to know about even more airlines then go to this link 


Heraklion airport

If you booked your flights the next best thing is to rent a car. Be honest a car is you freedom. This saves money on some times very expensive excursions.
And driving on Crete is easy. Only big towns like Heraklion, Chersonissos, Malia, Agios Nikoalaos and Chania are very busy. If you drive from town to town not a problem. New roads and highways lead you from town to town. The renting companies buy every 3 years new cars that keeps them ahead on the competition. The prices start between 23 and 30 euro a day this is for a small car. This price is mostly for more then 3 days. So that means that if you go on holiday for a week you only pay between 165 and 210 euro for a small car. That means freedom a whole week and you safe money on a taxi for driving you from and to the airport also. If you like a taxi from the airport there prices are fixed and you find them at any airport at the info desk. Protos they are good but you have to mail him for the prices they are not on his website. Kafetzakis is very good there you see the prices on the website. You can take the bus also from each airport to any place on Crete. Ktel is the website with the timetables of the bus. Encase you need a taxi from the town of Ierapetra to go to Agios-Stéfanos Call Stelios 00306932520636.
cretecars rents cars in Makry Gialos. 0030 6978444789 are the details encase you are in need of a car quicky . They are very good!

I know that a lot of people like all exclusive hotels. And if you like to relax and do nothing. I totally agree do so. It is you wright to relax certainly after a whole year of stress. BUT!
For those who like the trill to go and look for family atmosphere nice home cooked mails indulge in the nature that you can find around you. Look for a small family hotel or pension or rent an apartment or studio strait on the beach. Or a nice house up in one of the mountain villages. Crete is full of those places. Every where on the island you find them. The rent is also very good. The rent is by night not by person. Prices varies from some times 30 euro for a studio (sleeps 2)  up to 120 euro for a luxury apartment (sleeps 5) on the beach. It is a pity that these places are difficult to find with a tourist agency . You find them on the internet
But if you drive true the beautiful country of Crete you find them every where. We personally always booked sleeping arrangements in Crete it self this is never a problem not even in july and august. Now off course lots of them you find on the internet, there you can contact them. But still plenty do not have internet. So you can find little pearls that are not on the internet. Do keep in mind if you visit Crete that the more north you go like Chersonissos, Malia, an Chania those places are busy, very busy. Nice to visit. But if you like it quit go to the south of the island. Do not believe if a travel agent tells you that there is nothing there. Most of the travel agents work with big hotels and mass tourism. Just go on the web put in keywords like “south Crete “ “explore Crete  you will find that a whole new world opens up to you. 
For those who like to stay long term. This is also lots of apartments studio’s and even houses you can rent. Example: a 2 bedroom apartment with big living area and very big balcony close to the beach costs about 400 euro a month. Contract renting the whole year or half year.

Other expenses are food & drinks. For food, Okay, you can make it as expensive if you like . But in the south you will find already a very good home made mail in a restaurant for only 6 euro and up. Drinks beer 500 ml for 2,5 - 4,5 euro, karafe wine 500 ml 3,5 - 6 euro. depending if it’s a cafeneon or a restaurant.
In a lot of places you get even dessert for free. Also in cafeneons you get your meze for free if you order alcohol.

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